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Color Face Transfer - Country Comfort - Oversized

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Color Face Transfer - Country Comfort - Oversized

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Color Face Transfer - Country Comfort - Oversized

The transfers are designed for Kezi's "Country Comfort" doll (picture to right) but were printed about 18% too large.   Everything is in proportion but the face is too large for Kezi's pattern which was for a 22" doll.   The transfer will work for a larger doll or even a large featured doll of any size.

For more information check out description below.



Color Face Transfer - Country Comfort -  About 18% Oversized - Original Doll Size 22in.

Important Notes


1) Kezi recommends Windsor Comfort for the doll fabric. The fabric is very hard to find but you will find a direct link to a source at . It is listed as "Windsor Comfort Soft Sculpture".

*** Face Transfers Work Best on 100% polyester fabric. Will not work on 100% Cotton. 

 Face Transfer....

1) The time to transfer the ink may vary. We recommend 15-20 seconds but it may take longer so we have included 5 extra eyes on the transfer sheet for your testing.

2) Due to differences in fabric type, iron temperature and transfer age the transfer can not be guaranteed to produce face features as dark and full colored as you wish. If the colors are not adequate you will have excellent guides for finishing the face with pencils, pens, and/or paints. You may also embroider the face features.

Detailed instructions available with the purchase of Kezi's Country Comfort pattern.  Picture and Link Below.

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Additional Information

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