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Colette Wolff

Featured Designer Sale!
Colette Wolff Original Cloth Doll and Animal Patterns

Colette Wolff of Platypus Designs

November 2020 - We are sad to announce that Colette has passed away. She will be deeply missed by dollmakers worldwide. Her family is keeping her doll designs available for future generations of dollmakers. 

Platypusnow... Selected Vintage Platypus Patterns from the PLATYPUS collection originally designed and published by Colette Wolff during the '70s and '80s and sold through PLATYPUS mail order catalogs.   Meet Colette Wolff - Click To See Profile!

Designs are Presented in Quality Detailed Pattern Booklets! 
- 8½" x 11“ multi-page booklets.
- Annotated, precision-matched patterns, printed on 11" x 17" sheets.
-  Detailed, clear, step-by-step instructions with numerous line drawings.

 NEW... Colette has converted vintage color slides of some of her original prototypes into digital format for you to see.  Take a look at color photos of Bridgit, 4 Little Dolls, Cloth Train, Giggle, Muslin Angels and Veronica with her 5 costumes below.