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4 Pattern Special by Colette Wolff

4 Pattern Special by Colette Wolff

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 4 Pattern Special  - This Pattern Special includes 4 original patterns by  Colette Wolff of Platypusnow Designs. These patterns are a perfect representation of the different patterns Colette has designed. Included are the following patterns...

     -  BRIDGIT

Includes 4 Patterns!  

These are quality printed Cloth Doll Patterns which we will mailed to you. 



4 Pattern Special  - This Pattern Special include 4 original patterns by  Colette Wolff of Platypusnow Designs. These patterns are a perfect representation of the different patterns Colette has designed. Included are the following patterns...


    We've subtittled our Miniature Quilting Scene "First Quilt."  While her Mother looks on proudly and her Grandmother bastes the quit into the frame, Daughter, who made the quit, shyly acknowledges the compliments of her visiting Aunt.  The scale of our scene is 1" = 1'.  The four bendable, posable dolls are 5" to 5 1/2" tall.  Aunt, Grandmother, Mother and Daughter are dressed c. 1895.  They stand with the aid of simple supports or sit on benches to quilt.  Their frame realy works and holds a 7 1/2" x 8 1/2" pieced patchwork quilt.  Our pattern booklet will show you how to make it all -- the dolls and their clothing, the supports, the quilt, the quilting frame and the benches.  

    Booklet includes 11 instructions pages and 1 pattern sheet.

    © Colette Wolff 1984

  • BRIDGIT by Colette Wolff 

    With her 9-patch dress patchwork-trimmed apron and sunbonnet framing an innocent face, our Bridgit is 19" of irresistible Americana.

    Six pattern pieces, without a seam around the neck, combine to shape her stuffed body which is seam-jointed at shoulder, hip and knees.  Bridgit sits as nicely as she stands in the unobtrusive holder we show you how to construct.  

    Each step in the making of the doll, her stockings, undershirt, drawers, petticoat, dress, apron, sunbonnet and shoes is thoroughly explained and illustrated in our pattern booklet.  Bridgit's patchwork skirt and apron trim, which look so time consuming to cut and sew, are actually quick and easy following the special methods we describe.  We've also added suggestions for other outfits you can make using the patterns in the book.

    Booklet includes 9 instructions pages and 3 1/2 pattern sheets.

    © Colette Wolff 1976

  • GIGGLE, THE ANXIOUS JESTER by Colette Wolff 

    Giggle, the Anxious Jester, is our favorite clown.  With his eager grin, false nose, and 24" loose-jointed body that settles easily into posture that amuse, every ounce of Giggle's stuffing is concentrated on just one goal - to make you smile.

    With our time-and-user  tested patterns and instructions, Giggle is surprisingly simple to make, and very willing to please.

    Booklet includes 3 instructions pages and 2 pattern sheets.

    © Colette Wolff 1975

  •  TWO TURTLES  by Colette Wolff 

    Our large Turtle with uplifted head is 11" nose to tail.  The small Turtle with head turned to the side is 2" shorter.  Each has patchwork shells (alternate plain shells aren't shown) precisely engineered to a curving shape.  You'll be delighted at the way their patterns fit together as you sew and you'll love the curious, colorful, but slightly dumb Turtles that you stuff.

    Booklet includes 3 instructions pages and 3 pattern sheet.

    © Colette Wolff 1986 


Includes 4 Patterns!  FREE US SHIPPING!

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