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"Shirley Temple Doll" by Judi Ward

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"Shirley Temple Doll" by Judi Ward

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Shirley Temple Dolls and Wardrobe, Doll and Wardrobe patterns come in an 18" and 27" size! Patterns by Judi Ward 

Buy Patterns Individually or the Whole Set (2 Doll and 2 Wardrobe Patterns.)  20% Saving if you buy the 4 pattern set!

Quality printed Cloth Doll Patterns which we will mailed to you.  

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Shirley Temple Doll and Wardrobe Patterns (18" and 27" Doll Size Option) - Cloth Doll Pattern by Judi Ward

Shirley Temple - 18" Doll Pattern (Doll Pictured in Red/Pink)

Here is the VERY FIRST 18” Shirley Temple made in 1978.

This is my prototype doll. (sorry, she has a bit of dirt on her nose) She was the start of Judi's Dolls! When I placed a little ad in a doll repair newsletter, I was SWAMPED with orders for her pattern and a business was begun. Totally by accident!

Shirley is jointed at the hips and shoulders, has detailed fingers, a shapely design, and calls for a real doll wig. The pattern contains the dress, hat, combination slip/panty, shoes, hat and socks. The clothing in the pattern is designed to look like a dress from Little Miss Marker.

The pattern directions have been re-written in 2002 to reflect updated techniques, and has a color cover.

Shirley Temple - 27" Doll Pattern (Doll Pictured in Black and White)

A different style Shirley Temple doll. Jointed at the hips and shoulders. She really looks like Shirley and is a wonderful display piece for those of us who can't afford the "real" thing. The sailor suit pattern from Captain January is included in the pattern.

Wardrobe Pattern For Shirley Temple! Available for both 18" and 27" Doll Patterns.

Costumes from her movies, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Little Colonel and Heidi.

Purchase individual patterns or a set of ALL 4 above.  20% Saving!

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